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Death of an Era - @DEATHOFANERA


Death of an Era

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DEATH OF AN ERA / Daniel Simpson

DEATH OF AN ERA (Artery Recordings / Razor & Tie) - Recording full length record

DEATH OF AN ERA - Dan Simpson
Our album “The Great Commonwealth” released today and it #9 on the itunes metal charts! Go pick up a copy and help us get to #1!!

Death Of An Era // A Mother’s Love
Fixed (again -.-) & as requested by loveloudlyrics!
Check out this band, they are really chill!


Check out our single “Shapeshifter” off of our new album “The Great Commonwealth EP” out May 21st!

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Death of an Era & crew 2013.

Our bassist and drummer are actually brothers! Mike and Chris Cooper.
We don’t fuck around with regular sized candy bars.
Death of an Era - 2012.
Last night at High Ball in Columbus we met the Ice King. We set aside our differences for this photo.
Columbus, OH.